Lenses for your frame

Have me install lenses in your frame. I can install RX lenses in any configuration you desire, I can also install non-RX lenses in clear or sunglass.
Lenses and Options
  1. Single Vision
    Starting at $60
  2. Lined Bifocal
    Starting at $80
  3. Progressive
    Starting at $140
  4. Digital Prog.
    Starting at $180
  5. Photochromic
    Add $80
  6. Anti-Reflective
    Add $40 to $90
  7. Polarization
    Add $80 to $120
  1. Polycarbonate
    Add $30 to $60
  2. HighIndex 1.67
    Add $100 to $140
  3. HighIndex 1.74
    Add $200 to $280
  4. Glass
    Add $120 to $200
  5. Scratch Coat
  6. UV Coat
  7. Other Service
    Priced upon Request
About Me
I'm The Eyeglass Guy a fourth generation, Board Certified Optician with over 200 years of family heritage in the eyeglass business. My great, great grandfather sold glasses from a horse-drawn cart complete with an assistant who would crank the grinding wheel as he ground and fit lenses into frames.

Since then, technology has changed our business quite a bit. Despite these changes, however, the dedication to quality eyewear that was a part of my great, great grandfather lives on in me today. With over twenty opticians operating in three different countries, my family's network is vast and efficient. Our relationship with suppliers and history with vendors ensures us the best prices available. I pride myself in providing and delivering quality eyewear at a great price.

I am a Board Certified Optician. More importantly, I have been working with making eyeglasses from a very young age, surrounded by a family of generations of opticians my entire life.

To have lenses installed email or call me for instructions. I will explain the process in simple terms and estimate the cost. Have your prescription in hand when you call or email me a copy. Also, if you want to send me your frame and RX I will contact you with a quote to perform the work. If you decide to not have the work performed I will kindly mail your belongings back to you free of charge.

427 Salem Street
Medford, MA 02155
Tel: 781-391-4069
Email: [email protected]
Web: (Facebook) www.theeyeglassguy.com